A wedding cake is the most important part of a wedding ceremony! I want it to look delicious, fascinating and spectacular when I will get married so that all guests should be impressed! In order for my wedding cake to be perfect, I practice each day wedding cake decorating. How will your wedding cake look like? My wedding cake will have three layers lovely decorated and on top of my wedding cake I shall have 2 beautiful white doves as symbol of love and affection. Choose different colors and toppings for each cake decorating layer, pick the fanciest wedding cake plate, a pretty table cloth and your favorite background. Decorate the top of the wedding cake with lovely bride and groom figurines or many cute animals. Let’s have fun making lots of wedding cakes playing this interesting game called Wedding Cake Decorating!
– optional cake color and trays,
– Different cake decorating with ropes, ribbons, flowers…
– Make the colorful icing, cream cake decoration
– the bride and groom figurines on the top or lovely animals
– Beautiful wedding background
– Take photos and share with friends on facebook, Twitter…

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