Do you think that all the monsters are very scary? I do not think so. There are adorable monsters that we have not seen. Let’s get acquainted with the one-eye cute monsters in “Monster Buster Blast”!
Monsters Buster is a simple puzzle game for Android. Players score points by choosing at least 3 adjacent monsters of the same color, not necessarily located on a line. Each such combination gives you a certain number of points. Take care not to let the monsters touch the top of the screen,if so your game will be over and you will have to play again form the beginning. Some monsters can be petrified or turned into bombs during play.
Try to achieve the score and level as high as possible on the charts of Monster Buster Blast!.
***Features and skill***
– Lovely one-eye monsters
– Nice colorful interface
– Interesting sounds
– Get the bomb to clear all the monsters of the same color on the board
– Easy to play and have much fun.
Enjoy it!

Download @
Google Play
Developer: Geckolor Inc.
Price: Free
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