MONSTER LINES is a puzzle game for Android, it is the combination of monster style and the classic line game – an intellectual game very familiar to everyone. Touch to move the monsters and score as many points as possible by making monsters of one color form various lines. Arrange the monsters into a line of 5 results will make them disappear and get points. Monster lines can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
First select the monster to be moved, then an empty destination square. If the destination square is occupied by another monster, that monster is now selected to be moved. After you move a monster, three more appear, except when you formed a line. Remember that you can’t always place the monsters where you’d want to. The more same color monsters in a line, the more points you score for making it.
– Colorful and cute monsters
– Option enable/disable sound with the good sounds.
– Three skills for you:
+ Bomb: Tap the bomb then tap the monster you want to destroy
+ Switch: Tap the item Switch then tap 2 monsters you want to switch place to each other
+ Colorful Monster: Tap it then tap a monster to destroy all the same color with it.

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