Thousands of years ago, there was a very powerful empire on this island, their gold, silver and jewels were countless. Until one day, a sudden sea level rose and engulfed all. Before leaving the island to go to a safer place, because they could not bring all the wealth, the King ordered his soldiers to hide a huge treasure away in a secret place on the island and drew a map to the treasure. Years later, people gradually forget about the kingdom and treasure of the old days, the sea level downs and reveals the mysterious island. At the same time, you, one of the King’s descendants, is given the ancient map to go to find the treasure of your ancestors.
The treasure is hidden somewhere on this beautiful island. But you will have to go through a lot of challenges to get to the place hiding greatest treasures, and collect enough gems needed to continue following the directions on the map.

– Move the blocks, if 3 or more blocks of the same kind and color are put together on one line, they will disappear.
– Make all the blocks on the screen disappear. However, you are only allowed to perform within a fixed number of moves.
– If you don’t use up the moves , you’ll receive 1 gem. If you just use all the allowed moves, you will pass a level but not get any gems.
– If you move more than the prescribed number of times, you will fail and have to play this level again.
This journey will certainly be extremely interesting, you have to use both your eyes quickly and your intelligence to find the treasure, because the treasure only belongs to whom deserved.

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